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The year of 2020 has been an eventful one for all. Covid-19 is an event nobody could have predicted and it has affected people and businesses all over the world. The conveyor and product handling industry has managed to stay afloat fortunately, with many companies like ourselves, providing the equipment, training and services required to keep the wheels of industry turning. Like many businesses, we have had to adapt to survive. Earlier last year, we launched a range of Covid-19 barriers, safety fences and protective equipment to help businesses keep their workplaces safe and secure. We had some great success with this and have helped many local businesses get back on their feet after many months of being shut-down.  Despite the restrictions, we have managed to deliver a multitude of projects on time and to a high standard, ensuring that our staff adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.

So, here we are, Christmas has been and gone and many businesses are fired up to hit 2021 head on, with the hope of leaving the troubles of last year behind. Without a doubt, everybody is looking towards this year and all the positivity that is hopefully to come. With a chance to catch our breath over the Christmas holidays, we felt that it was appropriate to reflect on what last year has brought us and what good things are to come in this year.

Achievements from 2020

As mentioned above, we are helping the fight against Covid-19 and continue to help local business operate safely and securely.

As part of our new marketing campaign, we have redesigned our logo, giving our business a fresh new look. We have made some major renovations to our website to show off what we can do.

One of our goals for this year was to make a variety of updates to our workshop. We have installed a new milling machine so that we can produce more of our parts in house, whilst also giving us the facilities to make parts quickly, which helps us deal with customer breakdowns more efficiently.  We have also invested in new work benches, site tools, welding sets and added a new vehicle to our fleet.  Whilst some of these are only small additions to the business, they allow us to provide a better service to our customers.

In the later parts of this year, we have really tried to push the CAD services that we offer and this year, we plan to release a lot more content surrounding this. In terms of successful projects this year, we have designed a variety of systems and assemblies, many of which we have also manufactured and installed. We’ve designed a host of conveyors including chain drives, roller beds, belt drives, pneumatic conveyors and more. We’ve had involvement in more bespoke projects such as designing a spiral staircase and stainless-steel luxury spas. On unique projects like this, its where our design & CAD services really shine!

Overall, we have surpassed our targets for the year, kept our current customers happy, whilst working closely with new customers on new and exciting projects. We look back on last year and are proud of what we have achieved. Although there wasn’t chance for a Christmas party, we intend to get the team together in the middle of next year to say thank-you for all the hard work they have put in!

What’s in the pipeline for this 2021?

We have big plans for this year! At present, we are researching and developing a new range of standard conveyors. It’s only early days, so we can’t say much more, but we intend to offer a cost effective, easy to build series of modular belt and ply belt conveyors. Lead-times will be short, prices will be very competitive and your machine operators and maintenance engineers will be thanking us for how pleasant the machine is to repair, clean and maintain.

In the new year, we intend to take on engineering apprentices. This is a great way to bring new talent into our business. It provides an opportunity for someone who is enthusiastic, eager and willing to learn, whilst it helps us pass down our skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Others plans for the new year include looking for new premises and investing in new machinery. 

We hope you keep checking into our social media pages and website for our latest news. If there is anything you think we can help with, then please get in touch.

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